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Outpour Movement (Thailand)

Working on a bag at Braverly.

Working on a bag at Braverly.

Some of the ladies who work at Braverly and the sewing center.

Some of the ladies who work at Braverly and the sewing center.

Helping a local church clear out after the flooding.

Helping a local church clear out after the flooding.

Latest Update from Tana Turner:

Things here in Mae Sot are going a bit wet..well a lot wet.  It’s full on into rainy season here, it downpours in the morning, mid day and at night as well, so trying to stay dry is a fun game :)  There have been some flooding issues here in Mae Sot, surrounding areas and over the border into Burma/Myanmar, sometimes flash floods.  Many in villages near here have lost much of what they have, as they live in wood houses on stilts but keep most of their food/kitchen and clothing underneath their homes.   Thai Relief has come in to assist but some people are too scared to get assistance as they might be here illegally or without the correct paperwork and they are afraid that they will be taken away/jailed/fined/deported.  So pray for Mae Sot and the surrounding areas.

I am settling into working with the Braverly sewing center more.  Since we don’t have teams right now that has been more of my main focus.  We’ve been working on some new product and new materials.  A few weeks ago, myself, the director of braverly and 3 of our interns went to Chiang Mai, about 5 hours away,  to purchase some new materials for the sewing center bags. It was nice to get out of Mae Sot for a few days and figure out what fabrics we want to use for our product.  Most of the fabrics we use for our product we need to buy outside of Mae Sot as Mae Sot does not have a wide variety of materials, so trips to Chiang Mai or Bangkok are occasionally necessary.  

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know that ladies who work in the sewing center more and soon we will be adding 2-3 new ladies!  

Other news :  Our Thai foundation has finally been moved to Mae Sot! which is huge! This will help us get the visas and work permits that we need. Which we can now get in Thailand,  and we won’t have to leave every 3 months to get new visa!  With that we’ve had several visits from immigration checking in on us..making sure we are doing what we say we are doing :)  Please also pray for this process as it is a new one for us and things are constantly changing with governmental procedures/processes.  

Family Promise


If you can help, that would be great!  You can drop off directly to Family Promise or give to Jamie Haight on Sunday and she will deliver.

Young Life Golf Tournament

golf course.jpg

Young Life's 12th Annual Golf Classic will be held at Cheechessee Creek Club on September 11th.  If you are interested in learning more about the golf tournament and how to sign up or become a sponsor contact  We will also have brochures in the nursery this Sunday.

Connect Sunday

Connection Sunday (1920x1080).jpg

Join us this Sunday, August 19th, and learn how to get connected at Live Oak!  No Kid's Ministry this week.  Bring the kiddos and let them play in the bounce houses while you learn about discipleship & serving opportunities.  Be sure to check out the Compassion room to learn more about our compassion partners.  

Financial Peace University


Financial Peace University starts on Thursday, September 13th at 6:30pm, at the Ministry Center.  Come and learn not only how you can start your emergency fund but how to live debt free!  Take control of your money!  Cost is $109/person or couple.  Scholarships are available, contact the church office.