Family Beach Night

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Does anybody else think as they drive across the bridge to Hilton Head Island, "We LIVE here!" Let's get out an enjoy this beautiful area together over the summer. 

Families of middle and high school students are invited to a series of very informal, highly relational, entirely "Create your own Adventure" opportunities simply called "Sunset Family Beach Nights." We'll meet up on the sand at Burkes Beach on Hilton Head Island from around 5-8 pm. Bring food, bring games, bring a Skimboard, bring other families. Let's just BE TOGETHER! #realcommunity

New Month, New Cause


This month we are excited to partner with H2OpenDoors to provide safe drinking water to people in need.  H2OpenDoors is a program of The Rotary Club with a long term goal of providing access to clean, safe drinking water for one million people throughout developing nations. The team of volunteers at H2OpenDoors travel to areas of the world most in need of clean water and install a SunSpring water filtration system that will provide safe drinking water for 10,000 people every day for 10 years. Every check-in this month will provide 50 gallons of safe water to someone in need.  If you want to learn more about H2OPenDoors, you can check them out at The hashtag this month is #givewater.

Musicians Needed

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Our worship team is looking for musicians.  If you can help out, contact Pastor Kevin.

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We are putting together our volunteer schedules for this fall.  If you are not currently serving and would like to, please let us know.  You can email  You can also note it on your connect card on Sunday morning.  If you are currently serving and wish to continue, let your team leader know.  We need volunteers in all positions, kid's ministry, worship team, hospitality, and set up/tear down.  

We LOVE our volunteers and we know we can't do what we do without YOU!!

School Supplies

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Did you know??? 

School supplies can cost as much as $200 per child.

1 out of 5 children may not have access to basic school supplies because of their family's economic circumstances.

According to, children without schools supplies have lower attendance rates, are more likely to do poorly in school, and eventually drop out.  

This is where you can help!  Even child deserves to start the school year with the tools needed to help them be successful!  The month of July, you can bring in any of the above items for Bluffton Self Help.  They will ensure they are given to those in need.  #recklessgenerosity, #palmopentogive