As a church without a home, it is so important for us to find the time to worship together outside of Sunday mornings. Join us this Sunday night for an incredible evening of prayer and worship. The Live Oak Worship Band will be leading us in passionate worship and the care team will lead us in prayer.  CHILDCARE IS AVAILABLE!

This week our Ladies will be jumping back into a Bible study, this time through our "Living Room" series. Ladies, you can join the study in one of 3 locations, choosing a time and place that fits your schedule. Click on the image above for more details and registration.

On Sunday, April 17, Live Oak is going to meet for ONE WORSHIP SERVICE! We are one church ... one family ... and we want to worship together from time to time! The service is also a "Big Street" service with families worshiping together (KidStreet will be available from birth through 36 months).

Following the service, stick around for a spaghetti lunch with all proceeds given to support our Thailand Team's trip in June; we simply ask that you'd make a donation in the amount that you would spend eating out for the day.

2016 SO FAR:
Attendance Average: 288
Giving Avg/Wk: $10,249
Budget: $10,000/wk

Attendance: 443
Giving: $8,596
Shoes to be counted this Sunday!