Easter is almost here and we can hardly wait!

This Sunday, 9 & 10:45. Bring your friends and bring your shoes!!

  • Over 1,000 invitation cards have been handed out.
  • Ads have been in the paper the last 2 weeks.
  • Facebook ads have been up and running for the last 7 days and counting.

All that's left is for YOU to come with your friends. This Easter's service promises to be one of the most powerful services we've ever held.

Imagine a light that destroys the darkness ... a hope that decimates fear ... a grace that redeems the worthless and restores the broken. Imagine running into the One who wakes humanity up to a second chance. How would you respond?

2016 SO FAR:
Attendance Average: 275
Giving Avg/Wk: $10,386
Budget: $10,000/wk

Attendance: 303
Giving: $17,101