On any Sunday that you come to Live Oak you will hear a message that challenges and encourages. Sometimes we together; sometimes we cry together. There are times we talk about topics, and other items we simply talk about scriptures straight out of the Bible.

But EVERY Sunday we will point to Jesus.

While tomorrow is no different, I want to take a minute to ask you to make every effort to be there for what I'm calling a "GOSPEL SUNDAY." These are Sundays where we are simply going to preach that straight gospel. Don't get me wrong, we preach the gospel in some way every Sunday, but on Gospel Sunday, we will simply spend time sharing the great news of grace, love, forgiveness, and Jesus.

I hope that you will be there, and I hope that you'll consider bringing a friend with you. I know it's Saturday night, but it's not too late to invite someone. Email them. Text them. Call them. Invite them to breakfast and church, or church and lunch. All it takes is an "ask" from a friend.

Can't wait to worship with you and share the gospel tomorrow!

Pastor Michael.