Did you know that today is #GivingTuesday? After a long weekend of watching America chase after "deals" in preparation for Christmas, why not focus on giving back. Live Oak is wiring RECKLESS GENEROSITY into our DNA, and today is a great opportunity to start.

If you're considering a year-end donation for your business, your family, or yourself, would you consider donating to Live Oak today? Here are a few projects we are working on or paying off:

    10,000 meals packed and 1,300 hygiene kits ready to go. The meals will be delivered worldwide through Stop Hunger Now while the hygiene kits will be distributed to the residents of Ridgeland Correctional Institute the beginning of 2016. The cost for the event was $7,000 which the church has already paid.
    Our brand new Christmas Eve outreach on our new property. While we are still hammering out the details with the town of Bluffton, we are hoping to provide bounce houses, face paintings, popcorn, games, and 2 bi-lingual worship services to the community for free. The event will cost us between $5,000 & $7,000.
    We continue to set a foundation for our future home. We have the vision, we have the property, and in 2016 we will roll out details for the building and capital campaign. In the meantime we continue to collect donations.
    Every week we have ministry needs from bills to benevolence, from to ministry paying our staff. Our current budget calls for $8,500 a week to continue doing what we are doing.

If you would like to be a part of #GIVINGTUESDAY, we would be honored if you gave to what God is doing at Live Oak. You can give online by clicking here; select the fund you'd like to donate to: Compassion, Building, or General.

As always, your gifts are deeply needed and greatly appreciated!