Don't forget that this Sunday is a BIG STREET Sunday, that means that families will worship TOGETHER this Sunday in both of our services. We will provide kid-care for birth through 3 years old, while everyone else worships together. Our Child Dedication Service, FunBand songs from KidStreet, and more will be on order for the day. See you there!

November is COMPASSION MONTH and we will be focusing on taking the Gospel wherever you are. In order to prepare for the month, we want to let you know about a HUGE Compassion opportunity for Live Oak on Sunday, November 22. For our Compassion Gift this year, in lieu of giving a financial gift, we will be donating our time, effort, and resources to provide for those in need. During each service we will be partnering with STOP HUNGER NOW to provide 10,000 meals to those in needs. We are also partnering with KAIROS PRISON MINISTRY to put together 1,300 hygiene kits to the men and women in prison throughout South Carolina. While we will be acting putting together the food and hygiene kits, you can also make a financial contribution to help offset the $6,000 expense to provide the materials. Pray it up, then pay it forward!

Speaking of Kairos ... DON'T FORGET THE COOKIES! We need hundreds of thousands of cookies! Don't get overwhelmed, get to baking!

Information from last week's worship services
(2015 Averages in parenthesis):

Attendance: 234  (266)
Giving: $9,232  ($8,494)
BIG Vision Total: $209,316 (70%)