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Family Chat is designed to help facilitate family interactions based on what everyone heard and experienced on Sunday morning. Our hope is that utilizing this tool will help faith conversations become a more natural part of your family times. The top section focuses on Live Oak’s Sunday morning worship services. The bottom section will give you an activity to follow up on what was taught in Live Oak Kids classes.

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This is Compassion Month! For the next 4 weeks explore stories of Reckless Generosity with some of our Compassion partners.

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Michael's Story (Message 1 of 4)

A Global Story (Beebes and Mankowskis) (Message 2 of 4)

A Local Story (Jamie, Judy and Christy) (Message 3 of 4)

Carmen's Story (Message 4 of 4)

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People of the Second Chance

The power of a second chance. THIS is what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about! Are you living your best second chance? Is the Church embracing second chancers?

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You are God's Beautiful Beloved. (Message 1 of 5)


Overcoming Shame. (Message 2 of 5)

Overcoming Fear (Message 3 of 5)

Telling Your Story (Message 4 of 5)

Throwing Parties (Message 5 of 5)